Hip Hop Dance Class for ages 6-9

Ages: 6 - 9
Class Type: dance
Level: all

Hip Hop is one of our specialties here at Dance-N-Magic. We teach fun Hip Hop that is age appropriate and family friendly. This Fun Hip Hop class teaches real hip hop techniques like popping, locking, foot work, breaking. This Hip Hop class is a wonderful mixed level class for both beginner and intermediate level students. Perfect for both Boys and Girls who want to learn Hip Hop dance at it’s best. We have made a pledge to protect our students from inappropriate music, costuming, and choreography. You will never see us teaching your child how to twerk, booty shake, or hyper-sexualize themselves.

When can I start?
NOW ENROLLING! Regular season starts Sept. 5th, Register below NOW to reserve your spot!

Sep 9th - Jun 30th
9:45am - 10:30am
$58 month

What do I wear to this class?
Uniform: Recital shoes (cool sneakers to go with your costume) will be ordered in the spring. For class wear indoor only non- marking sneakers with sweats or movement clothing

What are all of the fees involved?
Annual Registration fee: $40/student for the year
Monthly Tuition: $58/month
Recital Costume fee: $14/month (may need to be caught up for late starts)
Recital fee: TBD due May 15 (last year $130 all inclusive with unlimited tickets, DVD, T-shirt, and award)

What will my child be learning?

What are some of the benefits?

What can I expect on our first day?

What about Dance-N-Magic attracted you?
“The message on their website that emphasized the non-sexualization of dance for children. Plus the fact that it was in the city and had diversity in their students.”
What were some hesitations you had about enrolling in dance classes?
“The typical "culture" of dance studios of homogeny, shallowness, and over-sexualization of kids.”
What were your results after you enrolled?
“She LOVES it and we feel good about her being there. Her teacher and the rest of the staff are warm, inviting, and knew her by name by the second week! We never got that where she was in the past.”
Would you recommend Dance-N-Magic?
“For kids that want to have fun, learn good dance technique, get exercise and make friends - absolutely!!”