Performance Teams

Ages: 6 - 99
Class Type: dance
Level: Int/Adv

We at Dance–N–Magic are dedicated to keeping our dance teams FUN, ALL INCLUSIVE, EDUCATIONAL, and CONFIDENCE BUILDING!

Intermediate and Advanced Dance Students who feel more challenged are more likely to stay with dance as a lifelong sport!

We at Dance-N-Magic believe that students learn more in a small group setting. That is why each of our teams have no more than 10 students. Although dancing with a big group can be fun and exciting, so we do one large production number together too! We will perform at Community Events and 2 regional competitions. We will also volunteer as a group to help enrich the community. Having teams with limited practice hours and limited competitions help dramatically reduce stress and fees for parents and students. It puts the focus on FUN and TEAM WORK. We will also have the opportunity to attend master classes and conventions. Taking classes from Master Instructors gives the students an opportunity to learn in a different, fast-paced environment; and to learn new styles of teaching. Competition fees, costume fees, and uniform fees will apply, if you have questions about these, please let us know.

CLICK HERE to view Audition Information for our 2017/2018 Season

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What about Dance-N-Magic attracted you?
“Caring teachers, location and times of classes”
What were some hesitations you had about enrolling in dance classes?
“My children enjoying it”
What were your results after you enrolled?
“Children are enjoying the classes and new friends”
Would you recommend Dance-N-Magic?
“Yes and I have been”