Adult Tap Dance Class, Beginner Level, Summer session

Ages: 15 - 99
Class Type: dance
Level: all

This Beginner level class is great for those adults that have always wanted to learn to tap dance.

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Jul 18th - Aug 22nd
8:15pm - 9:00pm
$139 session

What do I wear to this class?
Uniform: Order Shoes in studio, we will size you on your first day.

What are all of the fees involved?
Summer Registration fee: [CLICK HERE to download your FREE Registration fee coupon ($20 value)](https://dancenmagic.leadpages.co/freesummerregistration/
Session Tuition: $139

What will I be learning?
All of the basic building blocks of the different sounds your tap shoes make and what muscles and parts of the foot create those sound.
Tap terminology basics, such as the difference between a falap and a shuffle.
The standard tap warm-up used in most tap classes
Repetition of basic steps and combinations of steps
A fun dance to put all of those steps together. We will not be performing this dance, it is just for practice and fun!

What are some of the benefits?
Improving balance and ankle muscles
Learning to count music and find rhythm (even for the rhythmically challenged.)
Improved memory using patterns of different steps.
Preparing you and building confidence for any future tap class.
Have Fun learning a New Skill!


What about Dance-N-Magic attracted you?
“Caring teachers, location and times of classes”
What were some hesitations you had about enrolling in dance classes?
“My children enjoying it”
What were your results after you enrolled?
“Children are enjoying the classes and new friends”
Would you recommend Dance-N-Magic?
“Yes and I have been”