Summer Tumbling and Acro Dance Class, Beginner level for ages 7 and up!

Ages: 7 - 15
Class Type: dance
Level: Beginner

Tumbling and Acro for dancers is a great way to build strength and balance both upside down and right side up while dancing. The elements that are taught require at least one point of contact with the floor at all times. Including, but not limited to: headstands, handstands, valdez, back extensions, front & back walkovers, stalls, and other balancing skills. Each student will be required to pass strength tests prior to them learning each of the elements. These tests are on an individual level so each student is safe. Once each student is comfortable with a new trick, it will be choreographed into a dance that the group will do as a whole.

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Jul 19th - Aug 23rd
6:45pm - 7:30pm
$139 session

What do I wear to this class?
Uniform: Bare Feet Unitard or shorts and tank top form fitting movement clothes

What are all of the fees involved?
Summer Registration fee: $20/student for summer only CLICK HERE to download your FREE Registration fee coupon ($20 value)
Session Tuition: $139

What will my child be learning?
ACRO safety
Foundational ACRO elements
Balance both right side up and upside down
Foundational dance steps/ Ballet
Body control

What are some of the benefits?
Acro helps to develop your body awareness at a new level.
Acro will increase balance both upside down and right side up.
Acro will strengthen your body.
Acro is a full body adventure that will help you express emotions through movement.
Acro is just plain fun!

What can I expect on our first day?
All students will wait outside of the classroom for the teacher to invite them in.
There will be circle time to go over attendance, rules, classroom equipment, and the plan for the day.
We will then do stretching, warm ups, and across the floor movements.
We will learn a fun combo involving some of the steps we will learn during warm up and across the floors.
A small review about what we will learn that day or a game involving what we will learn.

We chose Dance-N-Magic because of it’s location and variety of classes. We have Loved it. I would absolutely recommend Dance-N-Magic.