Summer Dancercise Kids

Ages: 2 - 6
Class Type: dance
Level: Beginner

This High Energy and Educational Curriculum is a specialty at our studio. I truly believe that this is the best dance curriculum for early childhood development, that is why it is the focus of our toddler and children’s classes. Each class moves at their pace, learning fun dances in fitness, jazz, ballet, creative movement, and tumbling. We also incorporate sign language to develop small and large motor skills at the same time. The greatest part is the original, parent friendly, and award winning music. No rehashed nursery rhymes, just great age appropriate (and sometimes silly) music! We are on a 3 year curriculum rotation, allowing kids to take the class many years before having the same curriculum. Each monthly unit features a muscle of the month and is focused on learning life lessons, like Foreign Languages, Musical Instruments, Manners, Healthy Habits, and more. This program is the best value for your time and money.
Age 2, 30 min.
Age 3 & up, 40 min: Optional Extended Tap available for ages 3 and up:
10 minutes extended to regular Dancercise Class based on availability, Instructor approval required. Tap shoes required.

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Jul 17th - Aug 24th
$139 session

What do I wear to this class?
Uniform: Starter Set, order in studio, we will size you on your first day of class

What are all of the fees involved?
Summer Registration fee: $20/student for summer only, waived for annual students CLICK HERE to download your FREE Registration fee coupon ($20 value)
Session Tuition: $139

What will my child be learning?
Introduction to basic ballet, jazz and tap technique
Sign language
Monthly tumbling
Creative movement
Where different muscles are and how to exercise them

What are some of the benefits?
Working on large as well as small motor skills
Learning social skills like manners
Learning about fitness and healthy habits
Prepares children for future dance classes
Building self confidence!

What can I expect on our first day?
All students will wait on the black bench for the teacher to invite them in.
There will be circle time to go over attendance and rules
We will learn about, and then do, our fitness, jazz and ballet dances
Learn and participate in the monthly tumbling
Creative movement dance, review questions and then stamps!
Those that are enrolled in extended Tap, will then have the parents quickly assist them in switching shoes and return to class.

Classes were age appropriate for my kids. Dancersice (ok if not potty trained). We are Pleased, very friendly staff and instructors. I would recommend Dance-N-Magic.

Jul 17th - Aug 21st
6:00pm - 6:45pm
$139 session
Jul 18th - Aug 22nd
5:15pm - 5:45pm
$139 session