Summer Intermediate and Advanced Lyrical Dance Class

Ages: 9 - 17
Class Type: dance
Level: Int/Adv

This Intermediate and Advanced level class will be building on your skills as a dancer. Recommended for those with 2 or more years experience.

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Jul 18th - Aug 22nd
6:45pm - 7:30pm
$139 session

What do I wear to this class?
Uniform: Order shoes in studio, we will size you on your first day, Leotard and tights, shorts or skirt No Recital for Barre class

What are all of the fees involved?
Summer Registration fee: $20/student for summer only, CLICK HERE to download your FREE Registration fee coupon ($20 value)
Session Tuition: $139

What will my child be learning?
Using the basic foundation of ballet and adding on more complex movements
Body Posture and Awareness
Memory recall and muscle memory
More French Terminology

What are some of the benefits?
Flexibility throughout the whole body
Discipline and structure that will help throughout life
Determination to complete a movement correctly
Learn to work as an individual dancer as well as a group dancer

What can I expect on our first day?
All students will wait outside of the classroom for the teacher to invite them in.
There will be circle time to go over attendance, rules, classroom equipment, and the plan for the day.
We will then do stretching, warm ups, and across the floor movements.
We will learn a fun combo involving some of the steps we will learn during warm up and across the floors.
A small review about what we will learn that day or a game involving what we will learn.

My daughter Loves it.