Summer Pointe Ballet Class

Ages: 11 - 30
Class Type: dance
Level: Advanced

Dancing En Pointe is an amazing and acheiveable goal for all Ballet Dancers. For the safety of your dancer, Instructor approval is required. Please email or call to schedule a strength test.
Stay Strong Summer Technique Class Mondays 6:45-7:30pm is a required pairing.

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Jul 17th - Aug 22nd
8:15pm - 9:00pm
$139 session

What do I wear to this class?
Uniform: Leotard, tights, and a skirt. We recommend going to Grand Jete to get fitted for your pointe shoes after instructor approval for class entrance.

What will my child be learning?
Using the foundation of ballet to a higher level
Muscle control
Posture-Body Alignment
Foot and ankle strength
Lots of repetitions to create your strength within yourself

What are some of the benefits?
Strength throughout body
To be graceful and aware of body
Create a story within your body

What about Dance-N-Magic attracted you?
“Caring teachers, location and times of classes”
What were some hesitations you had about enrolling in dance classes?
“My children enjoying it”
What were your results after you enrolled?
“Children are enjoying the classes and new friends”
Would you recommend Dance-N-Magic?
“Yes and I have been”